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Email Re. Unlawful Detainer Matter


Would it be possible for you to email me these documents. If not, would you kindly email me the address that the legal documents were sent to. I did not even have advance notice that the Sheriff’s Department was evicting me so something is clearly wrong. I had no idea about this lawsuit until it was brought to my attention and used to threaten me with. Leonard Cohen clearly does not want me to respond to his fraudulent lawsuit against me. The judge in that matter does not have jurisdiction over me, two entities Cohen and his lawyer snuck into the default judgment, and that matter is evidence of THEFT and should be investigated as such. LA Superior Court seems to have a pattern of activity involved with fraud, perjury, and fraudulent proofs of service. They now have an illegal “bench warrant” out against me in this unlawful detainer matter. I intend to litigate that issue with LA Superior Court. I would like to give the proof of service to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan. This matter is absolutely being used to threaten me and LAPD has now been encouraged to arrest me over it. My son is being threatened with arrest now. The proof of service in Cohen’s matter is fraudulent. I am attaching it to this matter so LAPD is clear – I will sue them over any attempt to arrest me over fraud, etc. They should be investigating the fact that Cohen committed THEFT (to the tune of millions of dollars) via a default judgment. LA Superior Court clearly is not in a position to engage in criminal conduct and that would include illegal bench warrants and an attempt to cover up Cohen’s criminal tax fraud.

I would appreciate hearing from you. I also don’t think money judgments are a very good reason to have a “bench warrant.” I’m beginning to think these judges are on drugs. They appear to destroy lives for a living. I intend to send your letter with respect to the judgment to the IRS Commissioner’s Staff together with my Motion to Vacate Cohen’s fraud and THEFT, cross-complaint, and answer to his utterly fraudulent and perjured legal documents. I have asked the IRS Commissioner’s Staff to prepare the forensic accounting that Cohen has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent me from obtaining. He has used fraudulent TROs in an attempt to obstruct justice. I am not going to stand by while a gang of thugs criminally harasses both of my sons. In any event, the reason I was unable to pay my lease was due to the fact that Leonard Cohen is a THIEF who couldn’t bribe me with 50% of “community property.” His lawsuit against me was in retaliation for the fact that I went to the IRS with the accusations that he committed criminal tax fraud and provided them with evidence. I am now viewing the threats to have me arrested over the UD as evidence of criminal witness tampering.

I look forward to hearing from you. I’m not certain that there is an outstanding judgment against me in the UD matter but I intend to pay back every penny I owe. Cohen’s actions have caused damage to many many people and that includes my minor son. His lawyer (who sees no problems with criminal witness tampering, etc.) submitted a declaration in that matter. My son witnessed a conversation with that lying lawyer about criminal tax fraud, my intellectual property (worth millions) that Cohen has STOLEN via a default judgment in a matter I wasn’t served, the missing state tax returns, and their threats. Cohen has made his motive clear – his massive tax hit. Law enforcement apparently had a meeting of minds with Cohen so I would like law enforcement to understand that the bench warrant in this matter is no doubt fraudulent. The might want to give some thought to their exposure.

All the best,

Kelley Lynch

cc: IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan, Esquire

The Criminal Harassment Continues

om: Kelley Lynch
Date: Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: Law Enforcement's Favorite Lying Con Artist Fraud - Leonard Norman Cohen Whose Criminal Tax Fraud, Theft, Fraud, Etc. Has Caught Up With Him - Glorify The Drug Addict LIAR
To: Kelley Lynch ,
Cc:, "Scott A.Edelman" ,,,,, Dan Bergman , "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ , Washington Field , Dennis , OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL , MEDIA RELATIONS PIO ,, Teresa Low , PIU ,,, "attorney. general" ,,,, becknerm , "Hank, Larry" , "John Hall, Chief of Police" , "m.j. smith" ,, Robert MacMillan , "Lee K. Alpert" ,, a , Troy Anderson , "U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission" , Mick Brown , "THOM WEIDLICH, BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:" , "Perusse, Bernie (Montreal Gazette)" ,, "Lauter, David" , National Enquirer ,,, "Hoffman, Rand" ,,, Paul Huebl ,,,, Larry Rohter ,,,, "Nussbaum, Paul" ,,,,,,,,, "" ,, Paul Burger

To the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury,

Mongochili is now publicly stating, on Jihad Gianelli’s Blog that Rutger will mostly like be arrested. That is an unconscionable threat meant to threaten and intimidate my son who is absolutely a witness to unconscionable conduct and has suffered an outrageous ordeal. There’s nothing I can do about the criminal harassment of my family. Why is that? Why do Cohen, Lindsey, Gianelli, Green, Sydney, Walsh, mongochili, Kory, Rice, and others, believe that they can engage in criminal conduct, malicious lies, and vicious tactics and get away with it? This is no skin off the vile, vulgar thug, mongochili and can and has written my sons. The IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury should investigate Lindsey’s role in this. He has exposed my minor son to criminal harassment and criminal witness tampering and he should absolutely be prosecuted for his attempts to help Cohen obstruct justice, cover up criminal tax fraud, etc.

Leonard Cohen should be prosecuted for his criminal tax fraud. He is an unconscionable thug, fraud, liar, and THIEF. His default judgment is evidence of that and malicious lies and slander, criminal harassment, etc., will not change that fact. Cohen’s probably enjoying the deranged attention he is now getting. He certainly has aligned himself with people who appear to be dangerously unstable and drunk with power. They are blatantly engaged in criminal witness tampering and flaunting that fact. Cohen should be deflated. He relies on his high paid liars to target innocent people. Kory and Rice should absolutely be prosecuted for their role in this unconscionable activity. If Cohen actually believed his advisers defrauded him he would have gone to the IRS with me. The man’s a lying fraud and coward who hides behind people that target his victims for him. He’s a control freak and does not want anyone to see through him. Unfortunately for this lying con artist fraud thief – many people see through him and believe the IRS should prosecute this celebrity fraud. He’s been clear – his MOTIVE is his massive tax hit. Apparently Cohen thinks targeting my sons is the key to crushing me. Cohen, Kory, and Rice should absolutely be prosecuted for criminal witness tampering. Cohen’s unstoppable. I have never met anyone so obsessed with avoiding taxes, charitable donations, gift taxes, or GREED. It consumes him.

I think Cohen really believes that his smoke and mirrors will protect him. This man is a freak.

Who is mongochili, what is her/his motive, and why is he/she obsessed with me and Phil Spector? Why is an individual who is obsessed with Phil Spector writing to my sons and copying in Leonard Cohen’s lawyers? That absolutely needs to be investigated particularly as mongochili does indeed appear to be dangerously unstable – as do Gianelli, Green, Sydney, and Walsh. They are absolutely pathetic. Gianelli appears to think he can ride in on Cohen’s coat tails. He should be held accountable for his actions and prosecuted for criminal harassment, criminal witness tampering, an attempt to obstruct justice, intimidation tactics, threats, blackmail/extortion, etc. Apparently these people are so arrogant and deranged they actually think they are immune from the ramifications of their criminal conduct. Furthermore, it appears to be a game. Cohen, no doubt, likes having Gianelli on the front line – obsessively targeting me, my family, friends, business associate, etc. Every single person Gianelli has contacted about me should be spoken to. Gianelli might be surprised by some people’s views on him. Gianelli has MOTIVE to defend Cohen and Jackson. That clearly should be investigated. He apparently understands their “controversy.”

All the best,

Kelley Lynch

cc: Phil Spector and Dennis Riordan, Esquire

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can and I have written your sons Kelley. Everything you post and every harassing e-mail is sent to them and just about everyone else you spam. What can you do about it? Nothing, so you can rant and rave until the cops come. It is no skin off my nose.

Did you know that your vile actions can and most likely will get Rutgar arrested? Not that you care.


June 19, 2010 7:02 AM

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On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 10:04 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Mr. Riordan,

What controversial comments about "Alan Jackson?" Jackson apparently wouldn't know a "controversy" if he fell over one - or into one.


On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 10:02 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

June 18, 2010

Dear Ms. Lynch:

On June 17, 2010, you posted on your blog a letter to the Cambodian Red Cross protesting what you believed to be entertainer Leonard Cohen’s intention to give a charity concert there to benefit the Cambodian people on the BOGUS grounds that (according to you, without any evidence, and despite the denial of the alleged “victim”) Cohen allegedly molested his daughter in Greece in 1979.

Actually, if Cohen wants to press this issue I will absolutely subpoena Freda Gutman. Ann Diamond has already confirmed that Freda Gutman advised her that Lorca Cohen publicly informed her classmates at Concordia that her father molested her.

You posted your letter under a post heading additionallyfalsely implying that Cohen, who has a lifetime history of charitable giving, is simply giving the benefit to obtain a tax deduction.

Well, since I did work as Cohen’s personal manager for approximately 17 years I do happen to know this lying con artist fraud and thief. His obsession with stock deals, avoidance of ordinary income tax, avoidance of gift tax, and his deranged insistence that his donation of his body of work to the University of Toronto in exchange for a U.S. tax credit does lead me to wonder if his charitable concert has a tax deduction attached to it. Cohen is one of the greediest men I’ve ever met on this earth. Furthermore, one charitable gesture every few years is really not particularly impressive.

In response we wrote to the same Red Cross official you did, pointing out that it has been proven in a court of law that you were fired as Cohen’s manager in 2004 for embezzling millions from him, that Cohen has a $7.3 million 2006 judgment against you related to your theft, that you have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations, that you have restraining orders against you and in Cohen’s favor in California and Colorado, and that you have six (6) outstanding bench warrants for your arrest issued by the Los Angeles courts.

It would be hard for Gianelli to “point out” anything about me and Cohen since he didn’t know me or Cohen when I refused to meet with Cohen and Westin to unravel their deranged tax planning, corporate structures, etc. Cohen’s the THIEF and the fraud default judgment and wrongful conversion of my property to him is evidence of that. It is also evidence of his attempts to cover up and conceal his criminal tax fraud. I don’t have a history of psychiatric problems and the doctors that I saw were clear about that. Law enforcement appears to have a vested interest in the outcome of Cohen’s criminal tax fraud matter and appears to have wanted the opportunity to interrogate me in a controlled environment about Phil Spector en route to Killer King. Perhaps that’s where Cohen and law enforcement had their meeting of minds. See evidence that Cohen, Lindsey, Kory, and Superfon conspired to have me falsely arrested; Robert Kory’s declaration in my minor son’s custody matter that is evidence of criminal witness tampering on the part of Cohen and Kory; and the evidence Daniel Scheid wrote me about – he told me he has evidence that Cohen and Kory engaged in criminal witness tampering and also has evidence against Lindsey and Superfon.

Three of the bench warrants are clearly evidence of fraud at LA Superior Court. One relates to the UD matter that I was unaware of. I wasn’t served that lawsuit either. Therefore, the judges in four matters before LA Superior Court don’t have jurisdiction which is really quite shocking but seems to be par for the course. I intend to litigate the three garbage, unlawful, and unconstitutional misdemeanor citations with Santa Monica and SMPD. City Attorney Marsha Moutrie should understand that and she should have been able to read the 9th Circuit Court’s decision but Santa Monica thinks it’s above the law and their police department absolutely targeted me and criminally harasses people. They also advised me that they were playing a game and understood that I knew Phil Spector.

We also wrote directly to you in blunt terms pointing out that charity donated services are not tax deductible so this could not have been the entertainer’s motive, as well as the fact that Cohen has a long history of charitable giving.

Cohen’s charitable donation of stock to Mt. Baldy was audited by the IRS and should be revisited by the IRS since his accountant, Ken Cleveland, thought it was a miracle that it flew with the IRS. The IRS really was beginning to audit quite a lot of Cohen’s deranged tax planning, stock deals, and corporate entities. Since K1s Cohen personally received in the amounts of $1 million and $7 million from Sony. They miraculously transformed into $0 1099s. Only Cohen benefitted from that activity. Cohen seems to have a long history of criminal tax fraud and tax evasion in the U.S. There’s apparently no good news in Canada which explains why Canada’s national treasure can’t live in Canada. The IRS, according to Cohen, doesn’t ask where you paid taxes the prior year while Canada Revenue does.

The bottom line is this: Setting aside the morally reprehensible nature of your attempt to derail a benefit concert for needy, third world people based on false, malicious and untrue allegations of pedophilia—and that you have made those very same preposterous, false and untrue allegations against this blog—once you take a controversial stand regarding a public figure and post it on the internet you are quite literally inviting public comment and controversy. In other words, you then become fair game for criticism.

I have been clear – any adult male stranger who attempts to lure a minor into privately communicating with him should be viewed as a potential sexual predator. To say otherwise is preposterous. Malicious lies and slander is NOT criticism.

In subsequent posts on your blog you repeat the false allegation that we are working for Leonard Cohen (we are not now, nor have we ever been so affiliated) as well as the reckless and maliciously motivated FALSE AND MANUFACTURED accusation that Cohen is a pedophile.

I didn’t manufacture Freda Gutman’s remarks to Ann Diamond about Lorca Cohen’s public declaration at Concordia that her father molested her. I also didn’t manufacture Cohen’s comments to me that he had sex with his 15-year old nanny and asked me to contact Van Penick about the statutes of limitations with respect to that in Canada. There apparently aren’t any statutes of limitations.

We again remind you that you have also falsely accused this blog and its editor of serious crimes, transparently to get even with us for banning you from Blogonaut Law Blog and also to retaliate against our constitutionally privileged communications about your controversial public statements regarding public figures Phil Spector, Leonard Coehn, Alan Jackson, and others, and that those false allegations have included the undersigned allegedly being a member of a notorious pedophile organization—again with zero evidence to back the allegation up; Just your malicious desire to damage someone’s reputation by stating the worst accusation possible in our culture.

Apparently Gianelli (who is NOT a “blog”) doesn’t think criminal witness tampering, criminal harassment, intimidation tactics, threats, blackmail/extortion, cyber-bullying, malicious lies and slander, etc. are serious crimes. Gianelli also doesn’t view lying to the FBI as a serious crime. I haven’t made any controversial public statements regarding Phil Spector. I have said that I had dinner with Phil Spector after the Clarkson incident at his house. At that time, Phil Spector advised me that Clarkson was dancing around in his foyer, waving a gun, and shot herself. That’s precisely what five major forensic experts concluded. Leoanrd Cohen and Alan Jackson’s actions are most definitely controversial. In fact, controversy seems to be the name of their game. They have similar tactics – malicious lies, slander, targeting innocent people, character assassination, bullying people, lying, attempting to intimidate people, etc. Any adult male stranger who attempts to lure a minor into privately communicating with him (via the internet and by email) should be viewed as a potential sexual predator. Many people have advised me that they view Gianelli as a dangerously unstable lunatic and feel he is sadistically obsessed with me.

In other words you have a years-long demonstrated pattern of reaching into thin air to trash those that displease you with the made-up accusations you believe will cause the targets of your anger and displeasure the maximum pain and reputation damage.

Cohen didn’t “displease” me. He committed criminal tax fraud and I reported that to the IRS and provided them with evidence. I also reported it to the State of Kentucky, California State Franchise Tax Board, and the District Attorney’s aptly named Major Fraud Unit. Cohen is a lying con artist fraud and thief who maliciously slandered me, targeted my family, and stole from me. He is a maniac.

Of course, it is also quite ironic that you—who has spent the last 5 years and the last 14 months, respectively, serially accusing Leonard Cohen and this blog of criminality—have not only an extensive arrest record as well as six (6) outstanding WARRANTS FOR YOUR ARREST issued by different Los Angeles superior Court judges in six different matters.

Hardly an “extensive arrest record” but I have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate all activity with respect to me and law enforcement. I have also asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate Cohen’s lawsuit against me and the custody matter – as well as Greenberg’s companion lawsuit in Colorado. Very clever of Cohen to forget to name Greenberg to his fraud lawsuit against me while sneaking in two companies not named in his lawsuit (and clearly not under Freeman’s jurisdiction) into what I believe is a highly illegal default judgment and evidence of criminal conduct. Cohen has no qualms, apparently, engaging in criminal conduct – see illegal and criminal K1s that were transmitted to the IRS and State of Kentucky. The man lies as easily as he breathes. He must really impress these judges who appear to bend over backwards for lying celebrity frauds.

You, and the persons whom you attempt to sway with your false allegations, would do well to keep in mind that neither Leonard Cohen, nor the undersigned, nor anyone else that you have accused (and there have been many) have ever been prosecuted for any crime, and that it is you—and only you—who has suffered multiple civil judgments, restraining orders, psychiatric hospitalizations, arrests, has embezzled millions, and also has warrants out for her arrest.

Who are the persons I’m attempting to sway? The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan? Should they keep in mind that Cohen hasn’t been prosecuted for a crime. Perhaps the IRS is aware of this and perhaps they sent agents from the Treasury to meet with me because they have a probable prosecution of Leonard Cohen pending. Perhaps that’s why I’ve heard from the FBI on more than one occasion. I’ve asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate the hospitalizations – including the one where the IRS shows up in the medical records which is precisely why I called Agent Bill Betzer from the nurse’s station. This was discussed with the Treasury agents – as was the custody matter which clearly relates to Cohen’s criminal tax fraud matter and Phil Spector’s matter. I am assuming that the DA had the power and motive to have me dragged to Killer King but have asked the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to investigate that.

You are the one wanted by Los Angeles Police on six bench warrants; not Cohen and not this blog; and you are the one who has been proven to have embezzled millions of dollars; who has a motive to lie and a demonstrated propensity to lie; who has been frequently arrested; and who has a history of involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations.

Really? I’m wanted by LAPD? Do they now have a wanted poster out? A default judgment PROVES nothing except for the fact that Cohen used that to commit THEFT, wrongful conversion, fraud, etc. I have no propensity to lie. Gianelli, however, clearly has MOTIVE and that should absolutely be investigated together with what I view as his engagement in extremely serious criminal conduct.

Add to that resume yesterday's demonstrated willingness to deprive an entire country of needy people charity aid to serve your own sick agenda of getting revenge against your crime victim.

Give me a break. Leonard Cohen is a common criminal.
Your arrest and (hopefully) subsequent psychiatric treatment could not come soon enough for us.

What arrest (hopefully)? LAPD knows how to contact me. Cohen has a history of very serious psychiatric problems. He has a history of drug addiction and abuse – as well as problems with alcohol. He is a calculated fraud and liar. He has a history of THEFT with respect to his advisers. He is a dangerously unstable fraud. When people see through this lying thug criminal he targets them … that includes Phil Spector. Cohen’s sick agenda with respect to Phil Spector SHOCKS the conscience. I believe he waited in ambush after Phil Spector refused to finish his album or work with him. Cohen was humiliated (according to him) that he had to telegraph Phil Spector in an attempt to have him finish the album. Phil Spector found working with Cohen miserable. I know for a fact that working with Cohen is a miserable experience. He’s a control freak, lying con artist, and one of the greediest men I’ve ever met in my life. He uses his money to buy people’s silence and friendship. The man’s PATHETIC. He hires high paid liars to destroy innocent people’s lives and targets children. One must wonder why the detectives I met at Cohen’s house think it’s acceptable that his good rock ‘n roll comments ended up as testimony in the Phil Spector matter. They seemed professional to me. Cohen apparently thought using the Phil Spector matter would help him save his proverbial ass and cover up his criminal tax fraud, etc. The man has a criminal mind. He has no remorse. He is obsessed with himself. He’s a revolting excuse for a man.

Very truly yours,

Blogonaut Law Blog




Anonymous said...

Pure white trash C is threatening Walsh again after sending her yet another blowhard e-mail. Then e-mails her again. Walsh will send that to Michelle Rice who the lying kelley is claiming: Is Playing With The Big Boys - And Attempting To Intimidate And Threaten My Sons, Etc. - Make No Mistakes About This Thug..

What big boys would they be? the ones in your dirty underwear?
Who would want this nasty vile thug writing to their sons?

LAPD, your sons, Michelle..etc. can see you.

Can LAPD see me and my sons? They should be focused on Cohen, Kory, Rice, and the cyber-terrorists and bullies who have decided to engage in an organized campaign of criminal harassment, witness tampering, threats, intimidation tactics, etc.


JUNE 19, 2010 8:13 AM

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