Saturday, June 19, 2010

Email Re. Unlawful Detainer Matter


Would it be possible for you to email me these documents. If not, would you kindly email me the address that the legal documents were sent to. I did not even have advance notice that the Sheriff’s Department was evicting me so something is clearly wrong. I had no idea about this lawsuit until it was brought to my attention and used to threaten me with. Leonard Cohen clearly does not want me to respond to his fraudulent lawsuit against me. The judge in that matter does not have jurisdiction over me, two entities Cohen and his lawyer snuck into the default judgment, and that matter is evidence of THEFT and should be investigated as such. LA Superior Court seems to have a pattern of activity involved with fraud, perjury, and fraudulent proofs of service. They now have an illegal “bench warrant” out against me in this unlawful detainer matter. I intend to litigate that issue with LA Superior Court. I would like to give the proof of service to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan. This matter is absolutely being used to threaten me and LAPD has now been encouraged to arrest me over it. My son is being threatened with arrest now. The proof of service in Cohen’s matter is fraudulent. I am attaching it to this matter so LAPD is clear – I will sue them over any attempt to arrest me over fraud, etc. They should be investigating the fact that Cohen committed THEFT (to the tune of millions of dollars) via a default judgment. LA Superior Court clearly is not in a position to engage in criminal conduct and that would include illegal bench warrants and an attempt to cover up Cohen’s criminal tax fraud.

I would appreciate hearing from you. I also don’t think money judgments are a very good reason to have a “bench warrant.” I’m beginning to think these judges are on drugs. They appear to destroy lives for a living. I intend to send your letter with respect to the judgment to the IRS Commissioner’s Staff together with my Motion to Vacate Cohen’s fraud and THEFT, cross-complaint, and answer to his utterly fraudulent and perjured legal documents. I have asked the IRS Commissioner’s Staff to prepare the forensic accounting that Cohen has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent me from obtaining. He has used fraudulent TROs in an attempt to obstruct justice. I am not going to stand by while a gang of thugs criminally harasses both of my sons. In any event, the reason I was unable to pay my lease was due to the fact that Leonard Cohen is a THIEF who couldn’t bribe me with 50% of “community property.” His lawsuit against me was in retaliation for the fact that I went to the IRS with the accusations that he committed criminal tax fraud and provided them with evidence. I am now viewing the threats to have me arrested over the UD as evidence of criminal witness tampering.

I look forward to hearing from you. I’m not certain that there is an outstanding judgment against me in the UD matter but I intend to pay back every penny I owe. Cohen’s actions have caused damage to many many people and that includes my minor son. His lawyer (who sees no problems with criminal witness tampering, etc.) submitted a declaration in that matter. My son witnessed a conversation with that lying lawyer about criminal tax fraud, my intellectual property (worth millions) that Cohen has STOLEN via a default judgment in a matter I wasn’t served, the missing state tax returns, and their threats. Cohen has made his motive clear – his massive tax hit. Law enforcement apparently had a meeting of minds with Cohen so I would like law enforcement to understand that the bench warrant in this matter is no doubt fraudulent. The might want to give some thought to their exposure.

All the best,

Kelley Lynch

cc: IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and Dennis Riordan, Esquire